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Show your appreciation for clients and prospects through a digital-first solution. With Unwrapit, all you need is their email to initiate a fun & personalized gift campaign that strengthens their relationship with your company.

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Case Study

3,845 recipients in 5 regions unwrapped a digital holiday gift from Raptive

Following a brand refresh earlier this year, the Raptive team was searching for a gifting solution suitable for recipients across the globe. It was important for the chosen gifting solution to be easy to implement, flexible, offer a wide range of gifts and be fun for recipients to receive.

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Raptive Holiday Campaign
Case Study

1 in 3 recipients opting to make a charitable donation.

AMLB chose to feature and support Pancreatic Cancer Canada and Native Canadian Centre of Toronto in their Holiday campaign, for a second year in a row.

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AMLB CPAs & Consulting holiday gift campaign using Unwrapit
Case Study

How Hyphen embraced Holiday gifting as an opportunity to help the planet.

With the goal of using creativity as a force for good, Hyphen approached Holiday Gifting differently in 2022. They used Unwrapit to run a Hyphen-branded 100% charitable campaign to thank their clients for being part of the Hyphen community.

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Hyphen Company gift campaign that revealed a choice of charitable donation as a gift.
Case Study

Appreciation for Online Event Attendees

Following a webinar hosted by the Fry Investment Team, the hosts wanted to send off their virtual attendees with a token of appreciation to thank attendees for their time.

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Fry Investment Team - BMO Nesbitt Burns appreciation for online event attendees campaign

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