Virtual gifting at any scale

A desktop mockup of Unwrapit

Gifting that your recipients will love. Without the heavy logistics.

  1. Create your gift campaign

    Make the experience look and feel like your brand.
  2. Add recipients

    Include personalized messages and tailored gifts.
  3. Choose your gifts

    From our curated list of digital, charitable, experiential, and practical gifts.
  4. Make it fun

    Add 'unwrapping' experiences, sponsor interactions and feedback collection to engage recipients.
  5. Gift away!

    Invite your recipients to their personalized experience. They choose the gift they want.

It's a win-win-win-win.

For Recipients

A personalized choice of amazing gifts.

For Senders

No need to source, package, and ship a physical gift.

For Relationships

Connections that strengthen and achieve brand objectives.

For the Planet

Reduce landfill by eliminating unwanted packaged gifts.

1 VIP or 10,000+ recipients, and everything in between.

Delight Event Attendees

Conventional event gifting & swag are being rendered obsolete by three big forces. Virtual/hybrid events are creating a logistics challenge, and forcing a shift. The climate crisis has spotlighted sustainable choices. And changing consumer preferences are confirming the need for personalized experiences that create meaningful connections.

Simplify event logistics
Feature sponsors
Capture sentiment with built-in interaction

Appreciate Customers

Create a meaningful connection with your customers and clients. Create branded, fun virtual gift experiences that they'll love by giving the gift of choice. No need to have their address. Keep it logistics-light and impact focused.

100% virtual and earth-friendly
No logistical hassles
Capture sentiment with built-in interaction

Engage Employees

You need a way to surprise and delight your colleagues and provide value for your leadership team. You're in the right place. Reward and engage your team anytime, instantly, and at scale while offering them a choice. Build stronger relationships, show your appreciation.

Gifts to match your team’s personal interests
100% virtual and earth-friendly
Capture sentiment with built-in interaction
Tilted Employee Engagement animation header.

Recognize Donors & Volunteers

Non-profit supporters are the life-blood of most organizations. Show them personalized appreciation with the option to further give back to their charity of choice.

Mission-aligned gifts
100% virtual and earth-friendly
Simplified & seamless execution
Donor Engagement

Experience your own Unwrapit

Book a customized demo to see how Unwrapit can help you spark meaningful connections.