Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What happens if a recipient loses the link to the gift campaign?

We’ve got them covered. Gift recipients can always regain access by generating a new magic link here.

Can one person receive more than one gift through the platform? Either through the same gift campaign or through multiple campaigns?

Yes. This is why we created the concept of gift streams within a campaign. There may be an individual receiving two types of gifts through one gift campaign. An example would be a speaker at an event receiving the general Participant Gift as well as a special thank you gift for Speakers. Additionally, that person may receive another gift through a completely separate gift campaign if, for example, they attended a completely separate event that is using Unwrapit or if their employer uses Unwrapit for employee engagement. In that case they would receive a separate link and have a different unwrapping experience within the platform.

What type of gifts do you offer through the platform?

Our gifts are digital, experiential, charitable and practical. We offer a wide range of options for all budgets, interests, and volumes. In addition to individual gifts, we are curating a unique collection of group gifts that can be presented to multiple recipients as a shared experience. Gifts available at launch can be viewed here.

Can I offer sponsor engagement opportunities through the platform?

Yes. Unwrapit offers a unique way to connect sponsors to recipients in any capacity. Gifts can be sponsored and there are several touch-points throughout the platform in which sponsor branding and messaging can be highlighted. Sponsors also have the option of including a Say Thanks form to capture general sentiment and/or ask gift recipients specific questions to gain relevant insights.

Can I give different types of gifts (value or theme) to different types of gift recipients within the same campaign?

Yes. We designed Unwrapit to be able to accommodate exactly this kind of advanced segmentation. Within a gift campaign, different groups of recipients can receive different gift options. Those gift options can correspond to more and less expensive gifts.

Does the platform require a user account, password and more? I don’t want to have to remember another password (and don’t want my gift recipients to have to either).

You’re in luck! Gift recipients do not need to create an account or remember a password to receive gifts through Unwrapit! There are two ways for the end-user (gift recipients) to access the platform. Either via email or through a Magic Link. In both cases there is no need to create an account. Magic links are a form of passwordless login. Instead of the user entering login credentials to sign in, they are sent a URL with an embedded token via email. It removes a common friction point and allows the user to access their unwrapping experience right away.

How do I set it up? Can I manage the gift-giving myself?

Yes, eventually. For the time being and while our self-serve admin portal is being built out, the Unwrapit team will assist you with gathering the required information and brand assets and with setting up your gift campaign.

How does it work?

Most of this is covered in our How It Works page. For quick reference, here's what the process would look like for a gift giver:

Infographic going over the Unwrapit platform process.
If I use Unwrapit, will the platform look like my brand?

Yes, the Unwrapit recipient experience is highly customizable based on your brand requirements. You can provide messaging, visuals and thematic colours to make the recipient flow fit in with your brand.

Can I deliver physical gifts through your platform?

No. Our platform offers digital, virtual, experiential and practical gifts that are delivered virtually and by their nature, don’t require shipping (no address needed!), and won’t end up in a landfill. The inherent benefit of this approach, outside of supporting our customers to strengthen their brands and meet their business objectives, is that our gifts are sustainable. And that, matters. All that said, you may find a few egift card options in our curated marketplace of gifts that may result in select products being shipped or delivered when they are redeemed. We include these products after due consideration and are constantly evolving our approach to our gift suppliers and partnerships.

Sounds great, how do you create meaningful connections? Why is that important to your product?

Meaningful connections are at the heart of any high-performing team, company, or partnership, or business relationship. We know that recognition and appreciation through gifting can play a key role in building these strong relationships. And that’s what we’ve set out to do in a sustainable way through our committed social purpose business. Instead of water bottles, mouse pads, and chocolate boxes, we provide organizations a way to give a variety of more interesting gifts virtually, in a personalized way that allows the end recipient a choice at different gift tiers. This isn’t one-size-fits-all. This is about allowing the recipient to choose what resonates with them after a fun unwrapping experience. Think Showtime subscriptions, virtual Napa Valley Wine Tours and having house-hold tasks completed through TaskRabbit. The personalized approach, built in choice and sustainable options all come together to foster a meaningful connection between the gift giver and their gift recipients.

What is Unwrapit?

Unwrapit helps companies and event organizers spark and maintain meaningful connections through an innovative, fun, and easy-to-use virtual gifting platform.