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Engage your recipients in a branded and personalized experience. Digitally deliver sustainably-minded corporate gifts. No shipping logistics necessary.

Gifts to pay forward

Plant a tree (or trees!)
Plant a tree via OneTreePlanted.
Charity on Top GIVE Card
Choose from 1.8 million charities.

Gifts to experience

Live cooking classes via Delicious Experiences
Take a private class with the world’s top chefs and culinary experts.
Create an audio time capsule with Artifact
Professional interviewers speak with friends and family to
create studio-quality episodes about life.

Gifts to keep you going

$25 DoorDash
Your favourite restaurants, delivered.
$25 Uber
The easy way to get the food you love delivered.

Gifts to keep you dreaming

$100 Airbnb
Unique accommodation around the world - all made
possible by hosts on Airbnb.
$100 TripGift
Book hotels, flights, and extras.
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What people are saying

We recently ran a series of curated, invite-only Roundtable events with our membership and offered ‘lunch on us’. For the last of the 4 events, the Unwrapit team helped us deliver these gifts via their platform and as a result, we had the highest number lunch gifts redeemed!
Maria O’Reilly
Maria O’Reilly
General Manager
Upside Foundation
We wanted to offer our team a gift for all that they had done to weather the pandemic storm as a team. We offered unique, non-physical options with Unwrapit, claimed by over 80% of our employees and received really positive feedback from the group.
Sharon Murphy
Sharon Murphy
Office Operations Coordinator
Talley Management Group, Inc.
We recently worked with Unwrapit to thank event speakers in a unique way as part of Alida Activate. One of our clients shared, 'This was a cool way to do gifts, I haven’t seen this before and liked how it gave options so that it’s something useful/relevant for the recipient!
Unwrapit was a great complement to our virtual event series. It was super easy to use and kept our participants engaged!
Brett Chang
Brett Chang
The Peak
As we entered 2022, we wanted to find a unique, impactful and environmentally sustainable way to thank our clients and partners for their support over the past year. We worked with Unwrapit to create a customized interactive digital gift campaign that achieved a high rate of client engagement and resulted in zero waste.
Marc-André Maheu
Marc-André Maheu

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