reveal a new way

to gift

Virtual, enterprise-ready gifting just got a whole lot easier.

Build relationships through meaningful & measurable gift experiences.

Grow your ROI while streamlining logistics.

Reduce your eco-footprint by eliminating unwanted swag.

Say goodbye to swag

Exclusive invitations

Charitable donations

Memberships & subscriptions

Gift cards

Audiobooks, ebooks, other digital media

Awards & recognition

Discounts and promotions

Real world experiences

Unwrapit gifts are always experiential, digital, or charitable, and are delivered virtually. By design, our gifts don't require the delays of shipping, the hassle of physically wrapping, and won't end up in landfill. With Unwrapit, you can give an e-gift card, 10 trees planted as a gift, an on-brand playlist, and much more.


Unwrapit is a gifting platform to help companies and event organizers create extraordinary gift experiences without wasting resources on ineffective swag or other promotional goods.

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