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With our highly customizable gifting platform, you can craft each step of your recipient’s journey to deliver an engaging on-brand experience..

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Focused on the recipient experience

A personalized unwrapping that delights.

Recipients choose their gift. A cooking class, a gift card, a social impact gift, or perhaps a choice of products or service offered by your brand.

Gift Ideas
An animation of a word scramble activity as part of the digital unwrapping experience

Exactly the campaign you need

Without the logistical nightmare.

Conventional corporate gift giving at any scale is fraught with challenge. With Unwrapit, the only recipient details needed are their first name and email address.

Two participant management screens (one with self-registration, one managed by the gifting organizer)

Give gifts anywhere, sustainably

Less brandfill. More thoughtful gifting.

Since the majority of Unwrapit's gifts aren't physical and don't require shipping, your recipients can be located anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Most of this is covered here. For quick reference, here's what the process would look like for a gift giver:

Infographic going over the Unwrapit platform process.
Can I deliver physical gifts through your platform?

We're so glad you asked! At Unwrapit, we are on a mission to get people to think differently about corporate gifting. We truly believe that the best things are felt, and not necessarily held. Our gifts are digital, experiential, charitable and practical. They might be anything from an app subscription to an e-book. A digital gift card for a popular vendor to a social impact gift supporting a charity of the recipient’s choice. We offer a wide range of options for all budgets, interests, and volumes. In addition to individual gifts, we have curated a unique collection of group gifts that can be presented to multiple recipients as a shared experience - we'd love to chat about that too! All that said, you may find a few egift card options in our curated marketplace of gifts that may result in select products being shipped or delivered when they are redeemed. We include these products after due consideration and are constantly evolving our approach to our gift suppliers and partnerships.

What type of gifts do you offer through the platform?

Our gifts are digital, experiential, charitable and practical. We offer a wide range of options for all budgets, interests, and volumes. In addition to individual gifts, we are curating a unique collection of group gifts that can be presented to multiple recipients as a shared experience. A small example of some of the gifts we offer can be viewed here.

Sounds great, how do you create meaningful connections? Why is that important to your product?

Meaningful connections are at the heart of any high-performing team, company, or partnership, or business relationship. We know that recognition and appreciation through gifting can play a key role in building these strong relationships. And that’s what we’ve set out to do in a sustainable way through our committed social purpose business. Instead of water bottles, mouse pads, and chocolate boxes, we provide organizations a way to give a variety of more interesting gifts virtually, in a personalized way that allows the end recipient a choice at different gift tiers. This isn’t one-size-fits-all. This is about allowing the recipient to choose what resonates with them after a fun unwrapping experience. Think Netflix subscriptions, virtual Napa Valley Wine Tours and having house-hold tasks completed through Jiffy on Demand. The personalized approach, built in choice and sustainable options all come together to foster a meaningful connection between the gift giver and their gift recipients.

If I use Unwrapit, will the platform look like my brand?

Yes! The Unwrapit recipient experience is highly customizable based on your brand requirements. You can provide messaging, visuals and thematic colours to make the recipient flow fit in with your brand. You can see examples of this right here. We're proud to showcase these case studies showing the brandability of Unwrapit.

How do I set it up? Can I manage the gift-giving myself? What about reporting?

Yes, eventually. For the time being and while our self-serve admin portal is being built out, the Unwrapit team will assist you with gathering the required information and brand assets and with setting up your gift campaign. Our platform features robust reporting, offering real, actionable insights that are included in all gift campaigns at no extra cost.

Can I give different types of gifts (value or theme) to different types of gift recipients within the same campaign?

Yes. We designed Unwrapit to be able to accommodate exactly this kind of advanced segmentation. Within a gift campaign, different groups of recipients can receive different gift options. Those gift options can correspond to more and less expensive gifts or different geographical locations. You can learn more about this on our Pricing page in the section about Campaign Boosts.

Some of our biggest fans:

What customers are saying

Being able to give region-specific gifts globally led us to our most successful holiday gift campaign yet! With Unwrapit, we recorded our highest rates of holiday gift redemption for each audience, which we believe is due to the many great options presented, including several with social impact. Unwrapit is the solution we've been looking for. We're pleased as punch!
Kristen Waltz
Kristen Waltz
Senior Producer: Gifts & Happiness
This was a great experience for everyone involved - thanks Unwrapit team!
Lior Zehtser, CPA CA
Lior Zehtser, CPA CA
It was a pleasure working with Unwrapit to support our first Canadian Circular Economy Summit last June. It was great to provide gifting with minimum waste and a positive impact!
Paul Shorthouse
Paul Shorthouse
Managing Director
Circular Economy Leadership Canada
Unwrapit provided our Conference with a creative opportunity to engage both speakers and attendees. Unwrapit also allowed us to dramatically increase the response rates to post-conference evaluation which enabled us to identify things we wanted to change and improve. I would definitely recommend Unwrapit as a partner.
Brad Offman
Brad Offman
Spire Philanthropy
As we entered 2023, BDC wanted to celebrate the resiliency of our clients throughout 2022 and thank our partners for their support in a meaningful way with minimal environmental impact. Unwrapit allowed us to show our appreciation by delivering a custom digital gift campaign that was thoughtfully designed, easy to manage and simple to track.
Anusha Srinath
Anusha Srinath
Sr Account Manager, Technology Industry

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