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Inaugural Engagement Survey: Actionable Insights and Impact

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The First People's Cultural Foundation wanted to conduct its inaugural engagement survey to gather valuable feedback from its community in exchange for a ‘pay it forward’ gift option. To create a branded, user-friendly survey, the foundation sought a platform that is easy to set up and can efficiently reach both individuals for whom they already have data and those within their social media network.

The survey should serve as tool for building relationships with their donors, supporters and subscribers. Their feedback and suggestions will enhance communications and fund development strategies to grow contributions towards Indigenous arts, language, culture and heritage.


The First People's Cultural Foundation opted for an Unwrapit experience as their solution for the inaugural engagement survey.  

A self-registration page was created and shared extensively on social media to encourage participation from individuals in their network. Additionally, the survey was distributed to people already within their established network.

The platform was carefully branded to maintain consistency with the foundation's image and ethos. One of the key features of Unwrapit was its flexibility, allowing the foundation to tailor survey questions according to their specific needs and objectives. This ensured that the survey was not only user-friendly but also effectively gathered insightful feedback, enabling the foundation to make informed future decisions. On completion of the survey, recipients had the opportunity to either plant a tree, or donate 3+ meals to food-insecure Canadians.


With a claim rate of 19%, which is significantly above the industry average for similar surveys, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive and provided valuable insights into areas for improvement.

The survey highlighted key areas where the foundation could enhance its programs and services. Additionally, the survey had a notable social impact as a result of gift options included. These results underscore the effectiveness of the survey in not only gathering feedback but also in making tangible contributions to social causes, demonstrating the foundation's commitment to its community's well-being.

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At First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation, we seek to work with values aligned organizations. Unwrapit cultivated a user-friendly experience for our donors and subscribers, and supported our team in creating an engagement that centered reciprocity and relationship building. We look forward to our next project with Unwrapit.
Emily Cabrera
Director, Strategic Partnerships & Commu

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