3,845 recipients in 5 regions unwrapped a digital holiday gift

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Following a brand refresh earlier this year, the Raptive Team was searching for a gifting solution suitable for recipients across the globe.

With so many recipients across tiers and located globally, it was important for the chosen gifting solution to be easy to implement, flexible, offer a wide range of gifts and be fun for recipients to receive.

Campaign Features

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Segmented by region (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Global)

Segmented by account tier and customer type

Branded experience

Wide variety of gift options (including social impact)

Locally redeemable options

Being able to give region-specific gifts globally led us to our most successful holiday gift campaign yet! With Unwrapit, we recorded our highest rates of holiday gift redemption for each audience, which we believe is due to the many great options presented, including several with social impact. Unwrapit is the solution we've been looking for. We're pleased as punch!
Kristen Waltz
Senior Producer: Gifts & Happiness

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