St Elizabeth Healthcare:

Celebrating Wellness Champions

How St Elizabeth used an end of year gifting occasion to acknowledge the hard work of their 2022 Wellness Champions.
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The St Elizabeth Team was searching for a method of gifting the 2022Wellness Champions that was both branded and personalized. The Team was keen to include a variety of gifts to allow the recipients to choose a gift that they would truly appreciate and enjoy. It was important that this campaign included information-gathering capabilities so that the St Elizabeth team could gather actionable insights.


The campaign created was branded with the St Elizabeth colours, logos and language. Each Wellness Champion received a personalized message and the choice of a gift. They were also asked to answer 3short questions about being a Wellness Champion.


This campaign ended with a final claim rate of 99%! There was a variety of popular gift options such as Olive Garden, Trees Planted with One TreePlanted, and a Landry's gift card. This is a fantastic example of how providing recipients with a carefully curated gift list results in very high claim rates. The 'Thank You' form included three short questions and resulted in a very high response rate. This feature allowed the St Elizabeth team to better understand theWellness Champion experience and recipients had the opportunity to give feedback.

Social Impact

500 trees planted

Campaign Gift Choices

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Jessica Morris
Wellness Manager, Target Health

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