Riverside Natural Foods

BCorp members unite for sustainable, inspiring appreciation gifts

Core values alignment
claim rate

After meeting at a BLocal Ontario event, two BCorps - Riverside Natural Foods and Unwrapit - came together to create a branded gifting experience to thank ERG Members for their involvement in initiatives throughout 2023.


The Riverside team was looking for a solution to gift ERG members towards the end of 2023.

It was imperative for the team that the gifts were sustainably minded and aligned with the 5 different initiatives within the company.


Unwrapit offered a custom solution to the Riverside team.

With very similar core values and beliefs as well as a  product to solve for the use-case, Unwrapit and Riverside were the perfect partners!

A branded campaign was created offering recipients the choice of carefully curated gift options. The gift options included two different charitable donations and different ebooks/audiobooks.


Closing with a claim rate of 82%, this campaign was a great success.

There was a total of $670 donated to the chosen charities and ERG members were shown appreciation for their hard work, involvement and innovation through a unique, personalized experience and thoughtful gift options.

Not only were the recipients happy but a great partnership was created between Unwrapit and Riverside, thanks to the BCorp Community!  

Campaign Requirements

Campaign Gift Options

Audiobook and E-Book versions of the following:

A donation to the following:

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