Guess what? We're Positively Negative (Emissions)

March 22, 2024
Guess what? We're Positively Negative (Emissions)

Today, Unwrapit is celebrating its 3 year "launch-aversary". It was today in 2021 that our very first gift campaign launched to recipients. And with that Unwrapit launched as a digital-first, planet-first platform for more sustainable corporate & event gifting. 591 campaigns and 40,443 claimed gifts later, we have a remarkable number to share with the customers, gift suppliers, team members, partners, advisors, and fans who have been with us along the way.

Thanks to the sophisticated number crunching of the team at Carbonhound, we can confidently say that across all of the gifts claimed through Unwrapit since we launched 3 years ago, the overall emissions resulting from those gifts is not just low, or none, but actually negative. To the tune of -130 tonnes CO2 emissions!

How could this be? The negative emissions are the result of our team carefully curating the gift options to ensure they are almost entirely no/low-carbon and a certain number of recipients consistently choosing the "trees planted" gift option when given the chance. All of those trees, it turns out, are tipping the balance of Unwrapit's scope 3 emissions—the emissions resulting from the use/redemption of the gifts claimed—into negative territory.

When we say we represent a more sustainable approach to corporate and event gifting, we are serious. Thanks to Carbonhound, we now have the data to prove it.

A special thanks to my Unwrapit co-founders and colleagues, who each day contribute to making this impact possible.