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With customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico, it was imperative for the Buckland Team to gift all recipients in a uniform and branded approach.


Buckland felt it was important to ensure that all customers received the same gifting experience, regardless of location for this 'Happy Holiday' campaign.

There were multiple elements that Buckland requested be included in the gifting campaign: Buckland-branded, segmented via country, locally-redeemable gifts and including social impact options.

In the past, Buckland had experienced the burden of physical gifting and was keen to explore the possibility of a digital-first campaign.


The Buckland team worked with Unwrapit to create a Holiday campaign for recipients in USA, Canada and Mexico. This campaign was completely customized and all customers experienced the exact same gifting campaign but were offered gifts which were region-specific.


Buckland sent this 'Happy Holidays!' campaign to over 300 customers, located in multiple countries.
This Unwrapping campaign resulted in great engagement, with 67% of recipients claiming a gift. Many recipients of this experience opted for charitable donations via GlobalGiving or the social impact choice via One Tree Planted.

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Unwrapit was the solution to our challenge of showing our appreciation to our clients in a meaningful yet sustainable way. Our clients appreciated the opportunity to select the gift that suited them best. The service from the team was excellent and made it an enjoyable process!
Jenny Couse
Corporate Marketing Manager

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