The Partnership Conference 2023:

Post-event survey results in 53% engagement and response rate

response rate on post-event survey
social impact
actionable insights post-event

The results speak for themselves - The Partnership Conference post-event survey ended with a 53% final claim rate. Significantly above industry average, attendees seemed to appreciate the experience and curated gift options resulting in huge engagement.


Having done more traditional surveys in the past, The Partnership Conference team was keen to approach the post-event survey slightly differently this year.

It was important for the gifting and survey partners to be well aligned with the conference's values and objectives.  


The Partnership Conference team worked with Unwrapit to create a post-event survey that was encapsulated within an Unwrapit Experience. This Unwrapit Experience was fully branded and personalized and provided each recipient with the opportunity to claim a social-impact-focused gift.


Unwrapit created a QR code that pointed to the experience and this QR. code was shown on the final day of the conference. Recipients were also reminded of the experience a few days later.

The survey was a few short questions of varying types - single select, multi-select and free text. The experience itself was memorable and fun and a fantastic way to round out a super successful conference.

The fact that conference’s past engagement rate for post-event surveys was less than 20% and the industry average likely falls well below that, The Partnership Conference team was thrilled with the results (53%) and now has actionable insights to use for next year's event.

Gift options

3+ meals for food-insecure Canadians
Trees Planted
Clean Energy added to the Grid

Campaign Impact

354+ meals for food-insecure Canadians
24 Trees Planted
440 Kilowatt Hours of Clean Energy

Unwrapit provided our Conference with a creative opportunity to engage both speakers and attendees. Unwrapit also allowed us to dramatically increase the response rates to post-conference evaluation which enabled us to identify things we wanted to change and improve. I would definitely recommend Unwrapit as a partner.
Brad Offman

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