Going beyond your average "gift by email"

A desktop mockup of Unwrapit

The tradition of gifting with the flexibility of digital

With features that are ideal for in-person, virtual, and hybrid occasions, Unwrapit meets your gift recipients where they are. Spend less time worrying about logistics. We've got you covered.

Piled gift boxes
A list of curated, personalized gift option for a recipient, including a streaming service giftcard, an Airbnb giftcard, and two charitable donation giftcards.

Personalized for your recipients

Digital gifting can be heartfelt (and instant!) when done right. Personalize your experience from start to finish.

  • Dynamic fields for personalization
  • Recipient-specific to/from cards
  • A curated choice of gifts

Tailored to your brand

People remember how a brand makes them feel. Immerse your recipients in your branding throughout the experience.

  • Branded campaigns and landing pages
  • Send with a link or QR code from your tech stack
  • Custom gifts that only your brand can offer
A screenshot of a branded digital gift experience invitation in a recipient's email inbox.

Maximum flexibility, minimal logistics

Every company approaches gifting differently. Whatever your needs, Unwrapit is designed to be flexible.

  • Segment your recipient list into multiple groups
  • Bulk upload recipients or add recipients individually
  • Invite your recipients to add themselves

Campaign results in real time

With live reports, you can see exactly how many recipients have claimed their gifts at any moment.

  • Live reports to see campaign-specific analytics
  • Thank You forms to capture actionable insights
  • Export data for use in the systems you rely on
A screenshot of a live report from an Unwrapit gift campaign
A screenshot of Unwrapit's gift collection

Gifts that reflect your brand and your values

Curated choice means that you get to shortlist the gift options that recipients choose from. That's part of the magic.

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