The corporate gifting experience your brand and customers deserve

Grow your brand's corporate gifting program

  • Your brand stays front and centre
  • Recipients choose from a curated list of your brand's products
  • Customers get to focus on the fun stuff (i.e. choosing the gifts)
Piled gift boxes

Digital capabilities, easy button

We are always investing in our highly niche product, designed to meet the digital, in-person, and hybrid needs of corporate gifting programs.

Fast turnaround time

Because your corporate gifting offerings can live within Unwrapit, spinning up new campaigns is surprisingly fast and efficient.

To the minute reporting

Live reports allow you to see which recipients have claimed their gifts. Make changes on the fly and even claim gifts on behalf of recipients if needed.

No wrangling spreadsheets

Globally validated and properly formatted gift selections and shipping details custom formatted to support bulk shipping or individual addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

This looks great - how can I explain this to my team so they see the value too?

Brand Experience is an end-to-end digital product whereby Unwrapit supports B2B companies with their corporate gifting orders. 

What we’ve discovered is that many companies have invested heavily in their B2C sales channels, but their corporate gifting technology stack is often overlooked. This might sound familiar! 

This can create inefficiencies and a poor customer and recipient experience, not in keeping with your brand. 

Unwrapit helps overcome these inefficiencies. The brands we have worked with to date have seen a significant return on ROI within a short period of working with us. 

If you are a company that has a corporate gifting program featuring physical products, our digital platform can help your company:

1) save time

2) save money

3) build loyalty and trust with both your customer and their end-users, the gift recipients.

We already offer a digital ordering option through a Google Form/editable PDF/JotForm/<insert other solution>, how does this differ from that?

Great question! We know that many businesses have “stop-gap” solutions in place that work(ish) to support their customers in a digital way. 

Oftentimes they are logistically cumbersome requiring a lot of back and forth with the customer as well as manual data entry. Traditionally you and your customers will together manage the logistics, putting a lot of onus on them. 

Additionally, the end recipient isn’t always having the experience that your brand deserves. 

What Unwrapit offers is an end-to-end experience that will delight your customers and their recipients and will keep your brand front and center. Let us show you how!

If I use Unwrapit, will the platform look like our brand?

Yes! The Unwrapit recipient experience is highly customizable based on your brand requirements. 

You can provide messaging, visuals and thematic colours to make the recipient flow fit in with your brand. You can see an example of consistent branding above. We can set up a demo experience for you to see with your branding as well.

Do you offer reporting?

Yes, our reporting can showcase real-time metrics both at the individual product level and at the aggregate level across an entire corporate gifting order. 

Not only can you monitor ongoing campaigns but you can also provide the report to your customer, allowing them to see their gifting happen in real time too!

Do recipients always get a choice of gift?

That is the benefit of the Unwrapit platform! Your customers can offer as many gift options within an experience to their recipients as they would like. 

We generally recommend no more than 10 options to avoid “decision paralysis”.

What can we expect the ROI on this to look like? This is a business decision for our team.

Of course it is! We understand that and can share that we see at minimum 4:1 ROI with one of our longest-standing customers. Our work with them has resulted in seasonal ROI bump as high as 7:1 and they see the potential for ROI to consistently reach 10:1 in the near future. 

For them they have been able to offer a digital solution that didn’t exist in the past, therefore opening up an untapped market and a new line of business for their (already busy!) corporate gifting team!

Do you currently offer any integrations?

Not at the moment, but that can be a good thing! 

What we’ve learned in talking to others is that sometimes a platform like Unwrapit living “outside the stack” can be enormously beneficial. 

Many customers have complicated internal systems and have found that having custom reports set up to seamlessly export from Unwrapit and import into your system within moments can actually be easier to manage. We’ll work with your IT team to ensure that the report maps exactly to your ERP/fulfillment system of choice for the ultimate easy button!

Once set up, what does the workflow look like?

We have a system in place to support our customers. Given that this is a partnership, the SOP/workflow is very much directed by our customers and we look forward to working with you to ensure we are always offering value for you and your team.

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