What's Inside Unwrapit? (behind the scenes with Intern Russel Rodricks)

July 6, 2021
What's Inside Unwrapit? (behind the scenes with Intern Russel Rodricks)

Author: Russel Rodricks (Intern, Unwrapit)

Almost everyone has heard the quote “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. The pandemic has created a world with struggles and obstacles for all of us to face. While Covid-19 put hurdles it in my path, it also gave me the time and moment to reflect on life and make a change in my career. I wanted to take advantage of the lemons and make lots of lemonade, and invest in myself.  

I have worked in the operations/HR sector for most of my life and after several weeks of reflection, I decided to make the shift in careers (Digital Marketing). I have always had a love for technology and with my creative side, I decided that this change in my career was not only warranted but also the path that ignited excitement. I enrolled in a few online courses to get certified. I was further introduced to a third-party program (Ripen, LevelUp program) that helps students dip their toes in the industry of their choice before graduating and garner some experience in the process. This opportunity was a no-brainer and the beginning of my journey at Unwrapit.

Unwrapit is a company that helps organizations spark meaningful connections through a fun, innovative, and easy-to-use virtual gifting platform. They focus on sustainability, delivering unique experiences, and creating a personal unique campaign for each of their clients. These core values are what attracted me into applying to their organization.

At one-point in our lives, we have all received unwanted SWAG, but Unwrapit changes the formula of how we run meetings and events. Giving the gift of choice to attendees and creating fun ways to interact with the gift-giving experience is what makes Unwrapit unique.

The team at Unwrapit is small, but robust. The three co-founders (Peter, Linsay, Taylan) operate everything from HR, marketing, R&D, finance, and more. Peter is a successful down-to-earth entrepreneur. He has a variety of experience, always has fascinating subjects and topics to talk about, resulting in many interesting discussions. Linsay has worked in many industries and has worn many hats in the process. She is the "Queen-of-all-Trades".She took the time to ensure I was always getting the support required to complete my assigned tasks. Taylan has an art, tech, and engineering background. Anytime I needed support from Taylan, it was completed in a flash.

My experience at Unwrapit has been one filled with lessons, fun experiences, and self-improvement. The team is fun, quirky, and cherish personal connections. Everyone learns, improves, and strengthens each other. Having unveiled the platform only fairly recently, they have already supported successful events and campaigns across sectors, all while committing the time to invest in me. What I appreciate the most was that my feedback, ideas, and strategies were valued and appreciated. They were always willing to share their advice and opinions to improve and assist me in my career.

Onwards and upwards for me as I go on to make more lemonade (while cheering Unwrapit on!).