Unwrapit Feature Series: Registration Pages

September 17, 2021
Unwrapit Feature Series: Registration Pages

When we launched the initial version of Unwrapit earlier this year, we followed the age-old startup adage of “shipping early, and often”. In our case, this meant a product laser focused on delivering an amazing gift recipient experience. We could handle the manual process of setting up unwrapping experiences and importing recipients by working closely with our clients.

Thankfully, these manual processes started to become a burden in the months that followed our initial launch. We say thankfully, because that meant we had traction and it was more than we could deal with as a three-people team. Naturally, we started to look for an easy product solution that could relieve the burden of setting up and managing these experiences.

One of the most requested features was the ability to register recipients after a campaign started, without having to go through our support requests. When we approached this problem, we tried to capture as many of the different use cases as possible and that’s how we ended up building our registration pages feature.

Organizer Registration

When requested, our team generates an organizer link for a specific unwrapping experience. With that link, anyone on the organizer team can add new recipients to their list. In addition to capturing the basic details such as name and email address, the form is also clever enough to include custom fields as inputs. This means that if a custom message or label needs to be associated with the recipient, the organizer can easily add it autonomously.

Self-Serve Registration

Another mode for registration pages is to have a “self-serve” link. With self-serve pages, recipients can register themselves for a campaign. Any number of these can be generated for a specific unwrapping experience. In addition, they can also have a specific limit of registrations allowed, and when the limit is reached, they become invalid. We expect this will come in handy when our customers want to share the unique link (unwrapping experience) publicly.

In both of these use cases, the recipient gets an email message notifying them that they have access to the unwrapping experience. Then they can go through the flow as usual and claim their gift!

Since they were launched earlier in the summer, we’ve already used the feature on several campaigns. They definitely provide autonomy to the organizer and improve the experience of managing recipient registrations on any size of campaign.