Unwrapit Earns its B Corp Certification!

June 2, 2022
Unwrapit Earns its B Corp Certification!

What is a B Corp? 

The B Corp movement is a rapidly growing movement that is unified by the goal of making businesses a Force for Good™. In short, certified B Corporations aim to balance purpose and profit when it comes to business. To achieve this certification, organizations must meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.  

B Lab recently celebrated having over 5,000 B Corps, spanning over 155 industries and 80 different countries around the world. All of these organizations and prospective companies looking to gain their B Corp certification are unified by 1 goal, which is to redefine success in business. 


Why was becoming a B Corp so important to Unwrapit?

Peter (co-founder) has made it a life-focus to launch social purpose businesses, in order to accomplish social and environmental goals. The conventional world of corporate gifting is not particularly sustainable as a result of its focus and reliance on physical items. This is influenced by several elements including; the packaging involved, shipping (and shipping again!), production of gifts themselves and all of the other aspects of the supply chain that lead to unsustainable environmental practices. 
When we first envisioned a digital gifting platform that would allow companies to give sustainably-minded gifts, we set out to disrupt the industry. Proving that the world of corporate gifting can be digitized while maintaining a personal touch. Together, Peter, Linsay and Taylan launched the Unwrapit platform in early 2021, and to date, close to 10,000 gifts have been claimed by recipients through Unwrapit. 

Unwrapit is first and foremost a social purpose business. By providing digital gifts such as subscriptions to online services, donations to various charities, and unique experience, we’ve proven that low/no waste digital gifts are not only desirable, but also contribute to making the corporate gifting industry more sustainable. Becoming a B Corp makes good business sense and more importantly, it gives voice and concrete structure to the reason we’re in business in the first place. We would argue that building a “BCorp Foundation” was key and other well-known businesses agree. 


Why are B Corps important to consumers?  

Certified B Corps are businesses that support people and help do their part in making the world better. This is a certification that consumers can trust as they assess their individual needs, and consider the always immense number of businesses to support. The process of obtaining a B Corp Certification involves an incredible amount of effort, time and most importantly, being able to stand behind the certification, ensuring you are using your business as a Force for Good. More and more, consumers know and understand how unsustainable business practices are going to affect them in the long run and they are making conscious efforts to choose businesses that have the future of the world in mind.

We are proud to be a part of it.