The Gift of Learning Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind

September 20, 2021
The Gift of Learning Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind

At Unwrapit, we are on a mission to help companies break free from the conventional wisdom surrounding corporate gifting.  The conventional belief is that repeated use of a physical gift, like a high-end pen, will keep your company and brand top of mind. Operating in the same paradigm while leaning on their sustainability mandates, some companies have sourced more eco-friendly physical gifts such as reusable water bottles or recycled paper notepads.

But what if giving a physical gift actually does more harm to your brand than good? Single use or multi-use, sustainably produced or otherwise, a physical gift still has to be manufactured, packaged, shipped, and ultimately discarded. What if it's not wanted and surfaces more guilt and frustration than joy and gratitude? In this case, your recipients now have to find a spot in their home or apartment for this thing they don’t want and didn’t ask for or sheepishly throw it in the trash (along with your logo - yikes!).

Learning As a Corporate Gift

Enter learning as a corporate gift that truly keeps your brand top of mind. As humans, we are naturally grateful to the people, communities, and institutions that help us learn and grow.

When we apply our skills and knowledge to a real world challenge, we have an opportunity to reflect on where we acquired that skill and who made it possible. The Unwrapit team would argue that recalling a brand for this reason is far more powerful than recalling a logo’d item that’s in your face and printed on a thing.

With this in mind, Unwrapit is thrilled to announce that we’ve added ArtistWorks and GoSkills to our growing list of globally-redeemable, digital gifts that promote lifelong learning. In Fall 2019, we canvassed our nascent community on LinkedIn for gift suggestions. Overwhelmingly, the most recommended category of gift idea was apps and gifts that promote learning. ArtistsWorks and GoSkills are just that.

About ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks is dedicated to providing anyone, anywhere with affordable, interactive access to some of the greatest music teachers in the world. Their mission: "Teach the World Music".

ArtistWorks connects players around the world to learn directly from their favorite musicians. Equipped with a guided path of lessons, play-along tracks, written materials and the ability to interact with their teacher, online subscribers have everything they need to reach their musical goals, all in one place. With nearly 40 teachers across all instruments and genres, ArtistWorks has something for players of all levels and styles.

About GoSkills

GoSkills is an online learning platform that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional goals. With a GoSkills subscription, members have access to over 80 courses of interactive, bite-sized content. GoSkills’ mission is to provide high-quality and enjoyable learning experiences so that members can gain the right skills and tools to advance their careers and achieve their goals.


Giving the gift of learning is as easy as finding an app or platform that provides the kind of learning your recipients are looking for, and then choosing how many months of learning you’d like to offer as a gift. One of the best parts of giving access to an online learning experience is that your recipients can be anywhere in the world. In other words, you don’t need to worry about availability locally or international shipping.

When your recipients are later out in the world applying the knowledge that your gift helped them acquire, guess whose brand will be top of mind? Yours of course.