The Best Corporate Gifts Make A Lasting Impact

November 29, 2021
The Best Corporate Gifts Make A Lasting Impact

For anyone paying attention to the compounding social & environmental challenges of our time, it may come as a surprise that individuals give $20 dollars to charity for every $1 that companies give. That’s according to the National Philanthropic Trust and reflects up-to-date numbers.

In total, individual donations added up to $324.10 billion in 2020 compared to $16.88 billion from companies. At the same time, U.S. companies are projected to spend $242 billion on corporate gifts in 2021. That’s 14x more money spent on gifts for employees, customers, and partners than given to charity. It’s worth noting that some of those gifts contribute directly to exacerbating social & environmental challenges like climate change.

These numbers highlight an incredible opportunity.

Companies could dramatically shrink the gap between individual and corporate giving by simply changing up the kinds of corporate gifts they give. If just over 1 in 3 corporate gifts was a charitable donation or charitable donation gift card, then individuals would give around $3.5 dollars to charity for every $1 that companies give. Not perfect. But certainly better than 20:1. In this scenario, charitable corporate gifting would exceed the total amount of donations made annually by private and public foundations combined. That’s a staggering statistic.

With this in mind, Unwrapit is committed to creating as many creative ways for companies to give charitable and social impact gifts. We are proud to share that we have added Charity On Top and Global Giving charitable donation gift cards to our growing collection of charitable and social impact gifts.

Through our partnerships with Charity On Top, companies are also able to offer donations to specific charities as gifts. By presenting a curated short list of charities  alongside a charitable gift card option, your recipients can direct the donation to a cause that resonates with them and/or support one of the charities that your company supports. Presented in this way, a charitable donation gift becomes an engaging & personalized experience that makes a lasting impact, both in the world and in your company’s relationship with employees, customers, and partners.

Below is an example of what this could look like for your company:

For a host of reasons, the next decade needs to be about restoring ecological balance and creating a more inclusive & equitable society.

What better way to do this as a company than to commit to making 1 in 3 corporate gifts a charitable donation gift.