Sentimental Corporate Gift Ideas they can Cherish Forever

June 17, 2022
Sentimental Corporate Gift Ideas they can Cherish Forever

Over the last two+ years the things and people we love seemed so close, yet also, sometimes, so far.

The memories we captured during the years, months, days, and hours, before the world shut down in early 2020, were brought into focus when we realized how important connection is. Voice notes, videos, family heirlooms, and pictures became lifelines for many as the pandemic separated us from our loved ones.

At Unwrapit, as we seek out new and unique gifting partners, we often look for connection. Connection to a cause, connection to an experience, connection to a brand. And so it is fitting that Unwrapit has added four compelling gift options that uniquely embrace preserving important life moments today, and yesterday.

These are highly personal gift choices, not your usual corporate gift option and we’re excited to share a little bit about each of them. 


artifcts logo

Artifcts aids its users in rediscovering the value of their “stuff” by capturing stories one object at a time. It offers a secure place to preserve the history, memories, and life experiences behind the objects of your life with images, audio, video, and text. With Artifcts, you can create a dynamic and shareable collection as unique as you! It’s your own curated online collection or museum.


artifact logo

Artifact has a team of professional story guides — mostly moonlighting journalists — who help you capture family stories and celebrate the people in your life. Select a topic and let Artifact know who they’ll be interviewing, then sit back and let Artifact book and host story sessions with your guests. Artifact edits each session into a studio-quality audio episode and delivers it on a beautiful webpage where you can add photos and share it privately with loved ones. Create an instant heirloom by capturing family stories and memories before they fade.


Tribute makes it simple to create a group video gift you can give on any important occasion. Invite your friends using a link to collect videos on special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, or retirements and edit the video by adding cool effects on their easy-to-use editor or have a professional at Tribute create a dynamic highlight reel for you.

Family History Intelligence

Family History Intelligence’s avid expert genealogists uncover family stories through extensive research to bring families closer by producing easily accessible histories that will encourage inter-generational conversations. The findings go beyond DNA connections and help you discover the whys, when, and how of your family’s history with a family history website that includes narratives of each ancestor with maps and graphics amongst other artifacts. 

David McCullough once said, “History is who we are and why we are the way we are” and we are thrilled to work with these gift partners to appreciate and celebrate the stories, people, and memories that have shaped identities and perspectives. 

For more information and to set up your own gifting experience including one (or more!) of these options, book a demo or get in touch.