Planting Trees as a Corporate Gift

April 13, 2021
Planting Trees as a Corporate Gift

Keeping trees in the ground (and planting new ones) is central to Unwrapit's purpose. And for that reason, we get really excited when companies choose to plant trees as gifts of appreciation for employees and customers.

According to Forbes, corporate gifting is a $125b industry. If all (or a large portion) of those corporate gift dollars went into planting trees as gifts, that would be a major boon to reforestation efforts. One Tree Planted, meanwhile, cites evidence that stopping deforestation and restoring damaged forests would go 30% of the way toward solving the climate crisis.

You may be convinced on the value of planting trees as corporate gifts. But what is the best way to reveal trees planted as a gift?

Unwrapit, of course, can produce a creative & branded solution for you to consider. We can help you create all the impact of planting trees and all the goodwill and connection with the people who you went out of your way to honour with this thoughtful gift.