Four Gift Guides and More to Come

November 17, 2023
Four Gift Guides and More to Come

We are pleased to introduce four completely unique gift guides focused on specific categories of gifts available through Unwrapit. Over the coming months, we will introduce more gift guides that highlight other categories of gifts as well as gifts related to specific occasions and recipient groups. Enjoy!

Corporate Food Gifts

Delight your recipients delectable taste of food-related gifts. The love of food is universal. When it comes to corporate gifting, few gifts resonate more than a gift that your recipients can taste and savour.

Charity Gifts (Impact)

Make a lasting impact with charity gifts. In today's environment of poly-crisis, globally and locally, sometimes the best way to deepen your relationship with recipients is to give them an opportunity to pay it forward.

Digital Gifts

Discover the convenience and thoughtfulness of digital gifts. People are more connected to their devices and screens than ever before. This trends opens a new realm, digital for corporate and event gifting. Your recipients will appreciate the novelty of a digital gift.

Wellness Gifts

Welcome to Unwrapit's curated collection of wellness gifts. Arguably, there is no greater gift than one that supports the physical and mental health of its recipient.