Donor & Volunteer Recognition Gift Ideas

April 13, 2021
Donor & Volunteer Recognition Gift Ideas

A gift that worked just fine for 10 donors may no longer make sense when you need to thank 1,000+ donors for their support. Fortunately, you don't have to give up appreciating your donors just because your organization has grown.

Meaningful gifts for any number of donors


A simple, free way for your organization to thank its donors for their loyalty that they can go back to time and again.

Award or Recognition

Most enthusiastic donor, most loyal donor, top contributing donor, best ideas award, biggest evangelist award, etc.

Digital Media

A free ebook, an audiobook, an infographic, a dataset, artwork, podcast, or audio interview are just a few ideas for digital gifts.

Kind Words

Words are powerful. Make each of them count. Send the right words or a video message to donors to show your appreciation.

Exciting News

Launching a new program, adding a highly requested service, achieving an impact milestone, etc.

Matching Funds

Allow donors to increase their impact with matching funds made possible through a third party supporter or foundation.

Real world experience gifts for donors

Transformational Adventures

Make a trip to a special destination, go on a nature walk, host an urban activity, give a guided tour, offer skills training for one day, or show appreciation through some other unexpected adventure.

Special Events

Send your donors to a concert, a movie, a sporting event, or other special event. The event can happen on the day the donor chooses.

Shared Experience

Invite donors to a meal, a coffee, or virtual hangout. Or invite donors on an outing with your team, or to come by the office as a way of saying thank you for their support.

Tried and true donor recognition gifts


Name a program, building, or award after the donor to ensure their legacy is known.


Add all of your donors' names to an annual report, plaque, wall, or digital list to thank them for their support.

Physical Gift

While not our first choice of gift, we understand that sometimes a physical gift is the best way to show your appreciation.

Need help creating delightful gift experiences for donors? Unwrapit can help you create digital gift experiences for any number of donors.