A WellCalm in-home massage provides all the benefits of a clinic or spa with none of the travel.

WellCalm is defining modern wellness from the comfort of your home.

Our therapists are the best in the industry. They are licensed, vetted and screened by the WellCalm team.

Our therapists are chosen and trained by WellCalm for excellence and the highest level of experience and customer service.

Our massage techniques and types include:

Swedish - A restorative technique that relives stress, boast circulation, eases muscle tension and aches.

WellCalm - A whole body massage designer to break down trigger points to improve circulation and to your nervous system.

Deep Tissue - A strong technique that focusses on deeper muscle tension and knots. Great for recovery.

Couples - A couples massage designed to relax you and your group.

This gift includes two 60 minutes single massage sessions, and two 60 minutes couple massage sessions.

Available Gift Denominations
$150, $200, $300
Available Currencies

Gifting Inspiration:

Bring ease to wellbeing. By choosing WellCalm, you are gifting relaxation and rejuvenation from the comfort of being at home.

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