Support verified tree planting projects to restore our planet.

veritree works with planting organizations across the globe to verify Nature-based Solutions (NbS) projects. We are initially launching the platform with planting projects in Canada, Kenya, Madagascar, United States, and Tanzania with plans to quickly expand to more sites in the coming months.

The veritree platform was built to be easily used by any restoration practitioner looking to develop and operate high-quality NbS projects. Our ground-level monitoring tools enable any planting organizations in any location in the world to scale NbS. This enables to connect planting organizations with corporate partners and donors to support their restoration initiatives.

‘Nature-Based Solutions’ is a technical term that simply describes an action that results in either avoided deforestation or enhancing a carbon sink through reforestation or ecosystem restoration.

According to analysis by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey, Nature-Based Solutions are a cost-effective means to deliver up to one-third of the emissions reduction needed by 2030 as part of the net zero transition to achieve a 2-degree pathway.

Moreover, investment in Nature-Based Solutions, when done well, can accrue co-benefits that help address other societal challenges while being good for business, people, and nature. However, when done badly, the investment may do more harm than good.

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