Untangle Money

Untangle Money

Untangle Money wants to give women control over their now money and their future money. We will help you understand all the important pieces of your financial journey so you can make the best decisions, for you.


Get the fundamentals of your financial plan. When you understand how your money today and your money tomorrow are related, you will make better choices for yourself.

We break down the money that comes into your bank account into 5 different buckets. We calculate what you need for retirement based on your cost of living. And we show you how much you can afford to put away for retirement each month, and how much you can spend judgement-free.

We then look at different investing, spending and inflation scenarios and show you how each one impacts you personally.

We do all of this while using assumptions that reflect a female financial life. This means our predictions will be more conservative than other financial plans that you find on the market today.

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The gift of knowledge is long lasting. By choosing Untangle Money, you are equipping your recipient with a safe space to become more financially literate.

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