Owlkids Magazine

Owlkids Magazine

Owlkids publishes award-winning magazines for children ages 3 to 13 since 1976

Owlkids publishes entertaining, unique magazines that nurture the potential of children and instill in them a love of reading and learning — about themselves and the world around them. The magazines cover various age groups, Owlkids' publications reach more than one million youngsters and their parents every year.

By selecting this gift you would be able to pick from one of the following Owlkids Magazines and get a one year subscription:

OwlKids Magazines


Chirp's innovative package of stories, puzzles, and activities is designed for 3- to 6-year-old children. The pages of Chirp are filled with lively illustrations and colorful photographs that encourage readers to laugh and learn.


Chickadee is a fun, hands-on magazine for 6- to 9-year-old kids whose thirst for knowledge and appetite for humor are insatiable. Interactive stories, puzzles, comics, animal features, and science experiments educate and entertain readers.


OWL, for 9- to 13- year olds, provides readers with timely, reliable, and relevant information on the topics and issues that concern them — everything from sports and the environment to pop culture and peer relationships.

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It's never too early to develop a love of reading. OwlKids Magazine is a fun way to spark curiosity and conversation with kids.

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