Local sustainable candles and glassware all made from used alcohol bottles.

We have always loved hosting gatherings at home for our friends and family. Over time, these afternoon gatherings became an excuse to bring out the orange juice and champagne to make Mimosas. Lots of yelling, spilling and laughter later, the afternoon would become evening and we'd be left with countless empty glass bottles scattered on our kitchen counter and dining table. It saddened us thinking that these beautiful bottles would end up in trash.

So we decided to do something about it. Thus came about Mosa. We washed, cut, sanded and polished the bottles into functional household products. It started off rough but with practice, we started to produce beautiful, sleek products that felt sustainable and natural to use. Glasses, platters, candles, vases - we slowly expanded our horizons. Building on community and advocating for the importance of upcycling, we are more than just a product, we're a lifestyle. We took our first step towards sustainability, and we welcome you to take yours.

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Handcrafted and upcycled. By purchasing a gift or gift card with Mosa, you are rescuing glass bottles from landfills.

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