The audiobook listening platform that shares profits with independent bookshops.

With a gift membership, you’ll receive credits which can be redeemed from a catalog of over 250,000 audiobooks, regardless of price. You’ll also receive a 30% discount when buying audiobooks à la carte for the duration of the membership.

Support local bookstores splits the profits from your purchases with your local bookstore.

Bookseller-curated playlists

Discover your next favorite audiobook with playlists curated by expert booksellers, the team, influencers, and more.

Free iOS and Android apps

Use the free apps to enjoy your audiobooks with features that allow you to customize your listening experience.

Available Gift Denominations
$15, $30, $45, $90, $135, $180, $360
Available Currencies

Gifting Inspiration:

An audiobook can have a life long impact. By giving the gift of an audiobook you can shift your recipient’s outlook. 

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