Lee Papa

Lee Papa

Accessible and transformational mindfulness and meditation training featuring Lee Papa, an internationally recognized Well-being Speaker Trainer, Coach & Published Author.

About Lee Papa

Lee Papa is an internationally recognized Mindfulness & Meditation Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author who specializes in the Events industry and their clients, from intimate executive-level meetings, educational conferences to the largest tradeshows. Lee is highly sought for her expertise on the topic of well-being from a mindfulness perspective and her approachable style.


The Lee Papa experience is customizable, can come prerecorded and may include consultations, coaching sessions and guided meditations for group events.


“Yesterday I woke with horrific anxiety. I searched "water" and found this meditation. Lee, a few words in and I was in tears. However, as the magical waters started to flow, I was smiling. THANK YOU! I have chosen to "commit to memory," and make this a daily cleansing meditation.” -  Kim

“Not only is this a wonderful start to the day, my children also love it!! AND an added bonus - we are saving water on my 8 year old boys showers!!! Thanks” -  Kylie

“The power of that clearing and opening in such a time really gave me that feeling of cloud 9!! Thank you!” -  Courtney

“This was exactly what I needed” - Jennifer

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Meditation can have a lasting impact. By choosing a meditation track by Lee Papa, you offer your recipient peace of mind.

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