Handmade by professional digital artists

Covatar makes high-quality digital art accessible by connecting people with professional artists around the world. Covatar is a digital-first company. That means that all the portraits we create are initially in digital format and can then be printed onto physical souvenirs, home decor, clothing, and merchandise. We have streamlined the process of obtaining a hand-drawn portrait, and it’s never been easier. In just 3 easy steps, you’ll receive a digital version of your artwork. On top of that, for your convenience, we offer print-on-demand services with free delivery that you can use once you receive your portrait via email.

Available Gift Denominations
$20, $40, $55, $70, $150, $200
Available Currencies

Gifting Inspiration:

One-of-a-kind gift that supports talented artists. By choosing Covatar, your recipient will receive unique artwork and empower sustainable income for a community of artists.

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