Care/Of is on a mission to build stronger teams through unique, custom engagement experiences rooted in food, arts, culture, and social justice; designed to foster collaboration, show appreciation, and have fun.

We’re on a mission to bring more human connection and purpose to the modern workforce.

We do this through thoughtful virtual and in-person, purpose-driven experiences that unite food and culture while reaching your people, regardless of where they are.  

Everything we do is crafted with care. From searching far and wide for the best facilitators to ensuring each fresh ingredient box is perfect for the recipient, we go above and beyond.

Bridge distances for your remote team, build your client pipeline while driving growth to your business, and elevate your brand.

We design memorable experiences that help you reach your goals.

Available Gift Denominations
Varies per person and based on group size
Available Currencies

Gifting Inspiration:

Show the team you care. By choosing a Care/Of experience, you team build in memorable and thoughtful ways.

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