Big Head Cartoon Caricatures and Experiences

Big Head Cartoon Caricatures and Experiences

Bringing some of the top Digital Caricature Artists in North America to create your Big Head Cartoon live while our Drumming DJ plays all the hits right on your Virtual Platform!

Big Heads & Beats Virtual Caricature Art Party Experience

Taking only 3-5 minutes per Color Caricature, our artists draw you LIVE using our customized software which turns each artists active camera into the show itself! Giving the guests the opportunity to watch not only the drawing live but also the artist the guest being drawn and allowing for multiple artists to entertain simultaneously in one virtual space all while our LIVE Drumming DJ plays the hits customized just for your group!

We include Individual Caricatures of each guest with company/event branding

Custom QR Code & Landing Page for Easy Delivery

1 Group Caricature of all guests drawn (up to 30 guests included- additional charge for 30+)


In addition, there is a standalone gift option for Digital Caricature Drawn from a photo!

Available Gift Denominations
$45, $1,100
Available Currencies

Gifting Inspiration:

Capture memories in style. Bring your team to life with Big Head Cartoon and create an unforgettable experience.

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