agood company

agood company

For every purchase you make, we donate to agood foundation. We work with communities across the globe to create a positive impact through different sustainable initiatives.

We exist to create elegant, thoughtful and sustainable everyday products. We refuse to take shortcuts, and we obsess over every single step in the journey of our products, from how they are made to how they end up on your doorstep. We always walk the extra mile to improve our products and our processes, to ensure that we always are as responsible as we humanly can be.


- Regardless of what it costs, we will always pick production materials that have the least environmental impact.

- We only work with suppliers that we know inside out, to ensure we share the same values and get an intimate understanding of their production techniques.

- We never ever use harmful industrial chemicals in our production, such as acidic bleach or Bisphenol A plastics.

- We meticulously identify the potential environmental impact of all our operations and make sure to always compensate for emissions resulting from shipping & travel.  


Stating that we strive towards sustainability isn’t enough. We believe being completely transparent with our customers will spur us to push even harder, and we encourage you to take part in and understand exactly how our products are made.

We detail the environmental footprint of each and every one of our products. We account for the materials used, total water consumption, the source of energy used in the production, and the carbon emission footprint of both production and shipping. We also benchmark our products against competing products in the same category.

What’s more, we list all of our suppliers, detailing their ownership structure, their certificates and their work environment.

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Consume responsibly and do the best you can for the generations ahead. By choosing agood company's products, your purchase supports sustainable long-term initiatives all over the world.

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