Creative Client Gifts

April 13, 2021
Creative Client Gifts

Gifting is all about being creative. And thoughtful. Express your creativity and strengthen your most important client relationships with the gift ideas on this list.


Sourcing and giving customer appreciation gifts can be an incredibly creative act. We’ve put together this list of creative client gifts to help growing companies create a meaningful customer experience through gifting.

The nice thing about the gifts on this list is that you can try them all out. Since they are all creative, you can keep coming back to this list and stay creative.

Creative Client Gifts to Strengthen Relationships


Create a custom playlist or copy the link to one that already exists.

Charitable Donation

Make a donation in your client or clients' honour. Or distribute gift cards through NetworkforGood or CanadaHelps so that the client can choose a recipient.

Trees Planted

Plant trees in the recipient's honour through One Tree Planted.

A Special Award

Create a special award and honour the client with a digital certificate and ceremony.

Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron Fish is a simple and effective cooking tool that adds extra iron to your daily foods or drinks. A great gift for clients who are iron deficient or live with someone who is.

Shared Experience

Come up with a shared experience that you know the client will enjoy.

Send a Potato

No joke! Potato Parcel will send a potato to the recipient engraved with a special message or laser-printed colour photo.

The Right Words

Words are creative. Especially if they are your own and are personalized to the recipient.

Next coffee/lunch on us

Take the client out for a coffee or lunch. While not the most unique gift, it's unconventional when presented as a future-dated gift.

Unlimited Praise for a Day

Surprise the client with nothing but good vibes for a day.


Origami is simple, conveys effort, and reflects a thoughtfulness that most gifts lack. Choose the shape or object to reflect the recipient's unique interests.

Google Review

If you happen to also be a customer of the client, leave them a five star review on Google Reviews.

LinkedIn Recommendation

Show your appreciation by adding a thoughtful, personalized recommendation on your main contact's LinkedIn profile.

Group Video

Use VidHug to create a group video from your employees thanking the client for their business.

Home Baked Goods

You know your client well. Bake them something they would enjoy.

Recipe Book

Share the recipe or recipes you know your client would enjoy!

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