• Peter Deitz

Top 21 Virtual Gifting Ideas for 2021

As we head into 2021, the Unwrapit team foresees a blend of virtual, in-person, and mixed virtual/in-person gatherings, many of which call for and benefit from gift giving. We’ve put together this list of the top 21 virtual gift giving ideas for 2021. Use them for your next event or corporate gifting occasion.

These are the ideas you contributed and/or voted up! We’re grateful for the engagement in our crowdsourcing effort. All of the suggestions do not need to be manufactured, packaged, shipped across the world, arranged in gift boxes, or wrapped before being presented to the recipient. Further, by their nature, none of these ideas will end up in landfill. For all of these reasons, we’re incredibly excited about corporate and event gifting in 2021 and beyond!

Thank you and enjoy the list!

Top Charitable Gifts for 2021

Top Digital Gifts for 2021

Top Experience Gifts for 2021

Top Practical Gifts for 2021

We're prioritizing these kinds of gifts to ensure they are among the default options when we launch in early 2021. To see how your event or company could use Unwrapit to embrace virtual gifting for attendees, customers, or employees, Book a Demo.

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