November 1, 2022

By: Sophie O'Reilly, Customer Success Specialist

We talk to people about gifting everyday.

If we had a $1 for every time someone told us they don't like the traditional way that #swag has been promoted, given, manufactured, glorified, etc. at events and within the corporate gifting world we would...have a lot of dollars!

As a team, Unwrapit has decided to share some of these sentiments. And in doing that we're also creating a monthly roundup of interesting or thought provoking articles we've come across about the topic - and we invite you to shout it out with us!

At Unwrapit, we are passionate about the concept of business as a force for good. This is key to our foundation as a B Corp certified company. We know that digital gift-giving and offering a low/no waste gift can be as fun, memorable and on-brand as any sent physical gift. And better yet, it is more seamless and a more sustainably-minded solution.

Each month we see articles pop up on our newsfeed clearly demonstrating that others feel the same and that there is an indisputable need for a monumental shift away from useless, wasteful and unwanted swag. 

As individuals we can make more sustainable choices in our every day life. But significant change won't happen without the commitment from decision makers within businesses as well. It's imperative that companies take the lead and individuals within a business that are championing gifting for internal or external needs can also choose to make a more sustainable choice.

A few interesting things we read this month!

1. Why Giving Company Swag As A Gift Is A Terrible Idea

We came across this great  article written by Lemonade Stand earlier in the year which outlined why alternative #swag options should be considered.

We were pleased to see that each of arguments against #swag outlined by Preston at Lemonade Stand, Unwrapit can solve for. How so?

  • Its Impersonal’ --> we agree! #swag is almost always very impersonal. On the contrary, Unwrapit will work with you to create a curated list of gift options, specific to your gifting needs
  • ‘Gifts Should Not Be About You’ --> Unwrapit understands that to gain true value from a gift, the recipient should be given the opportunity to choose for themselves.
  • ‘It's Not Unique’ --> how true is this. Not another water bottle or t-shirt, please! Our platform not only offers a completely unique and unexpected unwrapping experience, it also provides recipients with the joy of ‘opening a gift’ with zero package and waste. 
  • ‘It’s Not Doing All of the “Free Advertising” That You Think It Is’ --> a very common assumption. Unwrapit was built to enable you to brand your gifting experience in exactly the way you want. What would be better "free advertising" than enveloping your recipients within your brand throughout and in the end, offering them the surprise and delight of a gift?
  • ‘MIssed Opportunities’ --> people want to know that you care. We would argue that going to the expense and hassle (and waste) of sending out a branded mug, or t-shirt or umbrella doesn’t convey care. On the contrary, inviting your recipient into a personalized experience featuring gifts that actually align with their interests and values? Now that shows that you care! 

2. Team Form at the Agile Australia Conference

A big shout out to Team Form in Australia this week, who attended an event and instead of giving out branded swag, they planted a tree in honor of everyone who registered interest with them. This totalled 50 trees being planted via Carbon Positive Australia

At Unwrapit, we offer multiple social impact gifts with our valued gifting partners, one of them being One Tree Planted.

It is always amazing (and seriously refreshing!) to see how many people decide to ‘pay it forward’ and plant a tree in a location of their choice, rather than choosing a gift for themselves. 

Some other great articles which caught our attention this month: 

A different view on the saying 'recycling won’t save us from Global Warming:


In a recent article, Peter Kmech, president of Creative Promotional Marketing Agency said that ‘his company has one “shockingly popular” offering where virtual attendees ‘plant’ trees online—but also fund real tree planting in Canadian forests.’