Good Vibes (powered by braindate180 and Unwrapit)

October 14, 2022
Good Vibes (powered by braindate180 and Unwrapit)

It's official! Starting today, users in a braindate can send a thank you message after their meeting. Through our integration they are empowering their users to cement their connection and show their appreciation through the powerful act of gift-giving. It’s good etiquette to thank someone after a great conversation. And that's now possible in a more formal way with this partnership.

This integration is meaningful to Unwrapit co-founder, Peter Deitz, on so many levels.

For one, the roots of this partnership go back 15+ years to his earliest days as an aspiring social entrepreneur. Christine (CEO) and Peter met as extremely young and earnest panelists at an event in Montreal. They were both passionate about doing good in new & different ways, using technology but also using the power of distributed, grassroots, bottom up approaches.

For Christine, this passion grew into braindate, the market leader in peer-to-peer learning and shared interest-based event networking.

15 years later (as far more established purpose-driven B Corp entrepreneurs!), Peter and Christine (and the braindate team!) have found a creative way to transform the world through peer-to-peer connections & gratitude.

We're extending our gratitude to Christine and the entire Braindate by e180 team. This integration makes braindate the first event tech solution to formally integrate with Unwrapit and make use of our APIs for seamlessly adding recipients to sustainably-minded gift campaigns.

Can't wait to see it in action!

Thank you for sharing more about the sentiment behind this undertaking braindate!