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reveal a new way to gift


Gifting in the workplace is changing. Physical gifts and incentive travel are no longer the only ways, or the best ways, to recognize high-performing employees and teams. Today’s workforce wants to see their values and life’s purpose reflected in the ways they are rewarded for a job well done.
Enter Unwrapit.

Engage Unwrapit to help you:

  • Develop a sustainable employee gifting strategy

  • Give employees the choice of meaningful gifts

  • Execute unforgettable gift experiences that reflect your company’s values

Save time by giving  nonmaterial gifts that don’t require heavy logistics. 

Grow your bottom line by increasing retention & performance

Make your company more sustainable by forgoing conventional employee gifts

Company Milestones


Employee Milestones


Special Occasions

Throughout the Year

Parting Gifts

Whether you have a team of 10 employees in one office or 10,000 spread around the world, Unwrapit can add sustainable employee appreciation to your workplace.

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“Unwrapit is showing that meaningful gifts come in many forms and can always have a positive impact. Especially compared to sending recipients home with more stuff they do not want or need.”

Peter Deitz, Founder