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Conventional employee gifting & incentives are no longer relevant. Remote work and distributed teams are forcing a shift to virtual gifting. The climate crisis is forcing a shift to sustainability. And a changing workforce is forcing a shift to experiences and meaning.
Enter Unwrapit.

Unwrapit solves for virtual, sustainable, and meaningful all at once through digital gifting.

  • Onsite, remote, and distributed teams

  • Greatly reduced gifting footprint

  • 100% meaningful and experience gifts

Strengthen the connection to your team through meaningful experiences

Hit the 'easy button' to minimize logistics 

Reduce your eco-footprint by eliminating unwanted gifts

Company Milestones


Employee Milestones


Special Occasions

Throughout the Year

Parting Gifts

Whether you have a team of 10 employees in one office or 10,000 spread around the world, Unwrapit can add sustainable employee appreciation to your workplace.


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