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Donors &

Donors and volunteers are the lifeblood of just about every nonprofit and charity. Finding engaging ways to recognize them for their support is one of the most challenging priorities an organization faces. Branded tote bags, t-shirts, and hand-written letters only go so far. There has to be a better way to show donors and volunteers just how important they are.
Enter Unwrapit.

Engage Unwrapit to help you:

  • Develop a sustainable recognition strategy

  • Give donors & volunteers the choice of meaningful gifts

  • Execute unforgettable gift experiences that increase engagement and strengthen relationships 

Save time by giving  nonmaterial gifts that don’t require heavy logistics. 

Raise more money and attract more volunteers by building meaningful relationships 

Make your event more sustainable by forgoing conventional recognition gifts

Organization Milestones


Donor or volunteer Milestones

Incentive Gifts

Special Occasions

Throughout the Year

Parting Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating 100 major donors in one location or 100,000 volunteers from across the country, Unwrapit can add sustainable gifting to your recognition strategy.

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“Unwrapit is showing that meaningful gifts come in many forms and can always have a positive impact. Especially compared to sending recipients home with more stuff they do not want or need.”

Peter Deitz, Founder