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Former ‘tried and true’ customer and prospect gifts no longer help you stand out and are losing relevance for other reasons. A distributed customer base is forcing a shift to virtual gifting. The climate crisis is forcing a shift to sustainability. And changing consumer preferences are forcing a shift to experiences and meaning.
Enter Unwrapit.

Unwrapit solves for virtual, sustainable, and meaningful all at once through digital gifting.

  • Local and international customers

  • Greatly reduced gifting footprint

  • 100% meaningful and experience gifts 

Strengthen your relationships by sparking meaningful experiences

Grow your ROI while streamlining logistics

Reduce your eco-footprint by eliminating unwanted swag

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Customer Milestones

Loyalty Rewards

Special Occasions

Throughout the year

Marketing Gifts

Whether you have 100 VIP customers or 100,000 customers around the world, Unwrapit can add sustainable gifting to your customer appreciation and prospecting strategy.

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