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reveal a new way to gift

& prospects

Every year, hundreds of millions of cut flowers, wine bottles, branded promotional goods, and gift baskets are sent to customers & prospects. These gifts are so prevalent they are cliché. To stand out, today’s companies are experimenting with better, more sustainable ways to appreciate customers and nurture prospects.
Enter Unwrapit.

Engage Unwrapit to help you:

  • Develop a sustainable gifting strategy

  • Give customers & prospects the choice of meaningful gifts

  • Execute unforgettable gift experiences that increase customer loyalty and strengthen relationships 

Save time by giving  nonmaterial gifts that don’t require heavy logistics. 

Grow your bottom line by increasing customer loyalty & strengthening relationships

Make your company more sustainable by forgoing conventional customer gifts

Company Milestones


Customer Milestones

Loyalty Rewards

Special Occasions

Throughout the year

Marketing Gifts

Whether you have 100 VIP customers or 100,000 customers around the world, Unwrapit can add sustainable gifting to your customer appreciation and prospecting strategy.

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“Unwrapit is showing that meaningful gifts come in many forms and can always have a positive impact. Especially compared to sending recipients home with more stuff they do not want or need.”

Peter Deitz, Founder