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reveal a new way to gift

Awards & Certifications

In the past, big and important news arrived in big and important envelopes. It was exciting to see the large envelope, rip into it, and reveal the good news. Today, awards and certifications arrive by email. And fail to deliver a felt experience that’s proportionate to the accomplishment. There has to be a better way to bring back the thrill of receiving an award.
Enter Unwrapit.

Engage Unwrapit to help you:

  • Develop a sustainable notification strategy

  • Give award & certification recipients the choice of meaningful gifts

  • Execute unforgettable notification & gift experiences that increase engagement 

Save time by giving  nonmaterial gifts that don’t require heavy logistics. 

Elevate the recipient experience by designing for excitement & joy 

Become more sustainable by forgoing plaques, medals, and trophies

First-time Certification

College Admissions

Professional Achievement

Industry Award

Membership Renewal

Certification Renewal


Whether you’re notifying 10 award recipients or sending out 10,000 certifications, Unwrapit can help you bring back the thrill of receiving exciting news.

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“Unwrapit is showing that meaningful gifts come in many forms and can always have a positive impact. Especially compared to sending recipients home with more stuff they do not want or need.”

Peter Deitz, Founder